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That was what was so great about the Klingon look from TMP to Enterprise, that no one Klingon looked exactly like another.
Actually, TMP Klingons' crests all came from the one mold. Lots of magazines used to print pics of any random TMP Klingon and label it "Mark Lenard as a Klingon".
I thought someone would mention this eventually, which is why I had first considered listing TSFS instead of TMP.
Well you need to revise it again, because Richard Snell (don't bother looking him up, he only got IMDB listed for TVH) ran the appliances for most of the films and he said Shatner was the first one to say, 'go for it' when it came to doing a mix of designs for klingons, that the Nimoy films' klingons were pretty much a cookie cutter operation by comparison. So TUC was able to leverage off TFF and really go wild with respect to this.
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