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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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I played some songs on the jukebox the other night, and he immediately judged me. He couldn't believe I actually liked the songs I was playing. I said, "I like them because they're fun." He replied, "Sure, they're fun, but they're not good."
My least favorite comment on music! People (with pleasure, it seems) wipe out whole genres with that line.

Yeah, I've often experienced that myself. I've gotten weird looks and people saying, "wtf is this crap?" Just because it's so outside their comfort zone about what they're used to. It's disappointing to hear that, especially with bands that you're big fans of. It's sometimes good to go out and expand those boundaries. Funnily enough, I've often introduced some American friends to some of my favourite Canadian bands, and it's that kind of reaction I've gotten, because it's just so different to what they're used to. This is mostly due to cultural differences in music.
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