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Re: Quantum Mechanix nuUSS Enterprise model

These are after all replicas, so can't be 100% perfect. However, they do look really good. But sadly, they are just too expensive due to the limited numbers being made and the large scale of it. I'll be glad if they can do smaller scale replicas like this that lights up just like what Aoshima did of the Enterprise-D in 1/2000 scale, which at least did not cost 5k but still looks just as good..haha..

The QMx models of the Kelvin and the Ent-D looks just as beautiful as well....

Here is my 1/2000 Aoshima Enterprise-D I was talking about earlier... It wasn't as expensive as those replicas from QMx, but it still looks good and looks freakin' geeky cool on display!

Now if only QMx can do something similar with their Star Trek license and make the models affordable...hmmm
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