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Re: If you wrote the next one, which original episode would you revisi

Lapis Exilis wrote: View Post
Now, granted they are plainly playing nuKirk as a younger, more immature version of the character at this point - but anyone who can't walk across a courtyard without giving a wink and a "Hey there, sexy lady" to a passing hottie comes across to me as either trying way too hard to prove he's hetero, or just an asshat.
Or he's a 26 year old sailor who just returned to port after a long and successful* voyage.

*Until Pike bursts that bubble, as someone else pointed out.

Lucky wrote: View Post
If they have to revisit a classic episode, I think The Doomsday Machine being involved somehow could make for a great story. You'd have to change it up pretty good from the original, maybe involve the Klingons or another race that discovered it and is using it for its own ends.
Yeah, this would be my preferred Klingon story. Make it an analogue to Iran or N. Korea getting "the bomb." It would be a way to do the "mad man with a doomsday weapon" again, but perhaps more thoughtfully.
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