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Re: The new Star Trek game is highly underrated

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The story is interesting... but that's about it. I was playing it offline and:

1. the lip syncing is off
2. I played as Spock and Kirk repeatedly was running in circles or going the wrong way
3. The mini games are boring and repetitive. I eventually just started directing the AI to do them.
4. Enemies repeatedly forgot to fire on me
5. I would constantly die after two or three hits, have the AI revive me, then immediately have to revive the AI.
6. Some of the dialogue is cringeworthy

7. Some of the actions look ridiculous. The AI is never facing the correct way or even look like it's doing actions remotely correctly in game
^ This.

I've come to the conclusion now that the new game is simply far less than gamers expect in this day and age. It's riddled with glitches that might have even been acceptable in the PS2/original Xbox era, but put it up alongside things like 'Uncharted' and the 'Halo' games and it's obvious that it just can't compete. Gaming technology has moved beyond the point now where we can just brush off these kinds of elementary mistakes. The bar has risen.

Which is a great shame because IMO on paper it had all the genuine potential to be a great game. Instead, it's just another average one for the 'Licenced From Movies' slush-pile.
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