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Some of you will remember me from the Does It Get Better??? thread I started a ways back. Those of you who followed that thread know that I came to Voyager after first watching TNG and then DS9 in their entirety. I had a lot of criticisms of Voyager, but I was fair and gave it praise when I believed it had earned it.

I am now returning to TNG and rewatching it as each season is released to blu ray. I am midway through season 3 right now. What I have noticed after rewatching these seasons several years later is......

The cast isn't as fun as I remember.

I remembered the cast of this show as being exciting and full of energy. It's not that I no longer think they are, but it's as if something is holding them back. Where are the larger than life personalities that I remember? So far the only characters I've really loved are Pulaski and Worf.....and they got rid of Pulaski........I'm just not feeling it like I did before.

Anyway....what does this have to do with Voyager? Well, Voyager and TNG are most similar in structure with the alien of the week spaceship format. Returning to TNG after completing VOY, I've gotta say that I miss the fun personalities of the VOY crew. Sure the writing got a little repetitive. I will say that TNG was more cerebral and the narratives were usually fresher. But TNG's cast just doesn't seem as energetic as I remember. I can't figure out what's changed.

Guess who's tempted to rewatch the first season of VOY just for comparisons to TNG......
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