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Re: Generations was...

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1. You say 'no one', but you mean, 'the people you spoke to, what you read and the stuff you watched'. I don't really call that definitive unless you worked in casting.
It's been well-documented by both the people who worked on TNG, and Patrick Stewart himself. It's not my fault that you choose not to believe the facts. I suppose you don't believe we landed men on the moon because you never worked at NASA.

2. I don't mean that the universe actually changes, I mean the viewers perception of the universe changes. Their characters were behaving in a way which showed that not everywhere in the Star Trek universe and especially places so 'close to home' are that couchy-safe-environment that TNG peddled for so long. (and for the record, I like TNG, better than I like the other series, I just like Generations more.)
If that is something you got out of this movie that makes you enjoy it, my hat is off to you. I felt no such thing.

3. I never said that Soran ever destroyed or had anything to do with the destruction of the enterprise - expect for that bit where he tortured LaForge, put an implant in his visor so the sisters could destroy the ship bit - but still, I never said it. Just said the Enterprise got in the way. Hence the point I'm trying to make about the universe not revolving around this one ship, other stuff happens which doesn't involve them, making it feel like there's more going on and generally making space... feel... big. Which is why I like the film...
See above.

4. Well were just going to have to disagree on that 2009 Star Trek film. But since this is about Generations, lets stay away from that.
If you don't care for my choice of example, then how about "All Good Things...?" Roughly the same running time as Generations, and yet not only was ALL the cast involved to more or less equal degree, Yar was even involved too. Now compare that to Generations, FC, Insurrection, and Nemesis, where it was clearly the Stewart-Spiner show, and the five others were relegated to the background.

BTW, I fixed your incorrect quotations.
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