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Re: If you wrote the next one, which original episode would you revisi

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Fair enough - and an excellent defense of your position. I agree that the space hippies are silly, but I do think there's a valid idea in Way to Eden. I've known too many neo-hippies myself who get sold on idealism and are shocked to discover their guru's feet of clay. It happened with Obama, honestly. He rode to victory on a wave of idealism that he was somehow a better person than your average politician. Then two years later I'm sitting with my sister on her porch and practically in tears she says, "I guess he's going to be just another president", and I reflected on the disappointment that is inevitable in putting a leader up on a pedestal.

That problem in that real-life instance is that the left didn't get off of their asses and get involved with/help to get elected the two alternate political parties that do exist in your country (in particular the candidate that ran for the latter party twice in 2000 and 2004; had the Left done so, the change that your sister and the rest of the left wanted would have happened. Instead, they did the same thing that they always do: protest, protest, and more protest. What inevitably happened, happened. The lesson to be learned by the Left (and they'd better learn it if they want to exercise any political power in the USA in the future) is that protesting is the beginning, NOT the end or the center, of changing things in the USA. The Occupy movement's not going to be as well-regarded as the the Tea Party/Birthers/Birchers, ever, especially since the Left doesn't even bother to vote like the centrists or the right (Reich?)-wing does.

As for what your sister thought Obama did or didn't do, he's a centrist fiscal (and social, in the original sense of the term) conservative who was (and is) hamstrung by members of his party and the opposition in what he wanted to do and accomplish, in addition to being saddled with the mess his predecessor left him, to say nothing of what regulations are put in place allowing the POTUS to carry out what action they want to do. The Left (and your sister) needs to realize that; he can't carry on with imperial power to accomplish what they want for them like Bush did for the right and the corporations. Either he's more principled than the last guy that was POTUS, or he isn't; he can't be an imperial president for your sister and the Left, but not for the right or center.

One other thing before I wrap up; I've noticed that people believe that Obama didn't accomplish anything. Here's an article showing what Obama had (and has) accomplished ( What The "Do Nothing" Obama Has Accomplished That We Choose To Ignore Or Fail To Acknowledge). It's old, but what it says, it says well.
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