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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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I kind of look at it like this--even though Hasbro may release the same figures and ships over and over again, each time is always going to be someone's first time getting them, and I think that's why they re-release so much stuff.
I don't mind it as much (nor even care at all) when the rereleased figures and vehicles are very cool and a lot of fun. When it's sloppy repacks of figure molds from 2002 or 2005 that weren't exactly the best and most popular action figures with collectors and kids then? That's when the folks start complaining, facepalming and eyerolling and I can't blame them. I do the same.

If you're going to rerelease something, make it the best mold you have in your vaults. And if you can't, find one that comes pretty close. A spring-loaded, "spinning" Yoda that was kind of McDonald's Happy Meal cheesy and lame back in 2005 shouldn't be repacked six or seven years later and sold for almost twice its original retail price.

If you're going to repack an older Yoda, go with, say, the 2004 Vintage-style clamshell figure or the well-sculpted, fun ROTS Yoda that came with the cannon accessory. There've been quite a few that are pretty good if not great and much, much better than the one I mentioned earlier. Even kids can tell if a toy's subpar junk or not.


ETA: Just Breaking....the very first carded images of the four two-packs in the upcoming Saga Legends "Mission Series." These are aimed more at younger collectors and kids and have fairly minimal articulation, but the Clones have been getting some good reviews and word of mouth on some of the collecting websites as potentially great army building and diorama fodder, and these sets might possibly sell for as little as $9.99 each, making each figure in the set only five bucks.

At least six of the eight figures pictured use completely brand new molds (the two Battle Droids appear to reuse the five-jointed mold used for four of the droids that came with the MTT Transport vehicle). All four sets are slated for widespread retail release towards the end of this coming summer or the beginning of fall, around the same time that the basic Saga Legends and Black Series figures also hit stores.
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