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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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This actually reminds me of a friend I have. He and I are the same age, and he is the biggest music snob I've ever met. He refuses to listen to anything mainstream because he "studied music" and has a better understanding of it than normal people. He'd rather sit down and analyze the rhyme and meter of a song and appreciate the mathematics of the notes. I just want something with a catchy beat than I can sing along to.

I played some songs on the jukebox the other night, and he immediately judged me. He couldn't believe I actually liked the songs I was playing. I said, "I like them because they're fun." He replied, "Sure, they're fun, but they're not good."
Heh. My sweetie was a fusion drummer and guitar player--the kind of musician that rock fans would approach & say, "You play really well, for a jazz guy" and jazz fans would approach & say, "You play really well, for a rock guy." He was so good that none other than John McLaughlin commended his skills.

I once expressed to him my frustration with not having a music background & therefore not being able to say *why* I liked something. His response? "I don't care why you like it, I just care that you like it." He loved playing live.

Contrast a friend of his who was even better a guitarist than sweetie was. He is totally frustrated with the lack of musical knowledge the masses possess. As a result, he sits in his apartment creating tapestries of sound that a select few (his 600 You Tube followers) will ever hear. It's his thing, and more power to him, but I think he's missing the point of the joy of music.
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