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Re: References to other Trek MASSIVE SPOILERS!!

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Hi All,




Apart from all the references to the earlier Trek movie featuring Khan, I also spotted: -

The NX-01 amongst Admiral Bastard's desk models.
Section 31

Any other nods anyone noticed?
The NX-01? Nope, not 'just' the NX-01. Besides famous airplanes, rockets and shuttles, there was Cochrane's Warp ship, The Ring Ship Enterprise, The Warp 5 NX-Alpha from Fight or Flight, The NX-01 and what looks like a miniature of the USS Vengeance.
Very ballsy from Marcus' part!
If the Vengeance was some super secret, off the books, unmarked ship... why the heck would its model be on display at Starfleet HQ?

That makes no sense to me.

Images and info on all the ships seen:

I wonder if Mudd's ship in the movie matched Mudd's ship as shown in the TOS remastered episode? Probably not, doesn't matter, just a thought.
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