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Re: Generations was...

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Johnny wrote: View Post of the best scored Star Trek films in it's history, musically it has produced some of the most memorable motifs.
To be honest, it rather amazes me to read that because I thought Generations had one of the most forgettable movie scores I've ever heard. I have trouble remembering any of the melody even while I'm watching the film. It really strikes me as a continuation of the musical wallpaper that we heard for years on the TV show. I say that despite the fact that I enjoy that film quite a bit.

But hey, different melodies obviously work for different people. If that score grabs you, that's cool.
I think it stuck because nothing after it was ever as good. The bit of music I like about any of the films after Generations was bits of the Insurrection main theme, and the bit at the end of Nemesis where Picard walks out his office to just before it cuts to the ext shot... random.

If you ever get the inkling, listen to the Generations overture. The openings amazing, IMO.
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