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Re: What else is coming?

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^ Hard to imagine that would be possible, but here's hoping!
The number of times we've seen "Evil of the Daleks" footage crop up in retrospectives over the past year (first, in the Advent Calendar and Moffat's paeon to the story, then in the BAFTA tribute) has me wondering if part of "Evil" has been found and this is their way of teasing that.
I so hope you're onto something there!

Mr Awe
Evil, along with 10th Planet and Power of the Daleks, is pretty much the least likely story to turn up, as they had the fewest overseas sales apart from Mission to the Unknown and Masterplan (which had no actual overseas sales - though Australia did get copies to look at before they rejected them, and there's some ambiguous evidence of a separate sale of Mission to Singapore).
That said, it's not the number of sales that really matters now, just the number of copies-unaccounted-for. From that point of view I find it significant that more single episodes have been found from Masterplan than for any other story... as if there were a lot of spare copies already created and hence lying around to go missing when the problem with selling it overseas came up. But... that wouldn't help Power or Evil, as the reduced sales for the rest of season 4 mean Enterprises might not have made as many copies as they had for Masterplan (due to problems with Terry Nation, Power, Evil and 10th Planet weren't included with the initial season four package, but were released later once Nation's plans for a Dalek series had failed).
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