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the ceiling of Kirk`s Bridge - transparent?

Inspired by some incredibly neat pieces of computer art in this forum (you know what I'm talking about), I am starting to build a model of the Enterprise.

It will not be accurate as I don't have nearly a bit of the skill necessary but why not? (I'll be using Pov-Ray)

So. Is the top of the bridge (deck 0?) supposed to be transparent? All these years I saw it emitting light as is(are) the filming model(s), but now I wonder, the opening scene in The Menagerie/The Cage shows a camera zoom from space into the bridge, that I always thought was a visual language not to be taken literally, and the "real" exterior would be some kind of device that emmits light, like an active sensor antenna or other technobabble. But all windows in the model shine the same white light too, maybe it is supposed to be a big round skylight?

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