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Re: Warp Core Prototype

Lee Enfield wrote: View Post
Nah, ..I'd still say it's not a warp core.
It's like saying it's a warp core, if you put 2 chemicals in a test tube and you gain enough electricity to feed a LED.

Still, fusion is pretty impressive. And it is much more like the method used for impulse engines ... like someone already mentioned.
Except this is being used for electricity generation, not for thrust. In fact that's one of the things that Star Trek has almost entirely ass-backwards in terms of technology usage: fusion is a very efficient way of producing electricity while antimatter is a very efficient way of producing thrust.

I'd venture a guess that if a "real" starship was ever built, it's more likely they'd use antimatter for the sublight drive and power the FTL engine with a fusion reactor.
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