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Bob Orci did explain that on Trekmovie, but it's still open to question. The volcano interfered with their transporter lock unless it was line of sight. Apparently between motion and natural disasters, this timeline's transporters are quite finicky.
And yet they can beam a man from Earth to Qo'Nos. Plot-driven !

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Now we've got the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies which are just Sherlock flavored action movies, and Star Trek flavored action movies -but they're all just Hollywood action movies in the end.
Yeah, except that the Holmes movies are quite close, content-wise, to the original source. Closer, in fact, than anything I've seen on screen before. A bit OT, of course.

Well the transwarp transporter was a secret weapon developed by Khan, only a few people including Scotty would really know the concept behind it and it was not widely available. Perhaps it was even a prototype or held in reserve by Khan himself unknown to Starfleet.

The Sherlock Holmes movies bear little resemblance to Sherlock to me, though that's not a deal breaker exactly. BBC's Sherlock show is quite different but way better than the movies.
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