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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

This thread reminds me of something I wrote on another bboard back in 2009:

I think they designed new GALACTICA by taking every facet of STAR TREK TOS and simply reversing it. And it works. Look at the list I've compiled:

Virtuous heroes vs Deeply flawed, complicated characters.

The harmony of Roddenberry's "evolved" man vs Ship's regulars who often hate each other.

Liberal morality plays vs Greek tragedies.

Dramatic dialogue delivery vs Low-key naturalism.

Episodic vs Serial.

Bright lighting with high color vs A more dim and grim look.

No religion (except alien computer allegories) vs Main characters with religions.

Time spent at warp vs Instant FTL jump.

Phasers vs Firearms with bullets.

Transporter, deflectors, tractor beams vs None of the above.

Talking computers vs Keyboard and monitor.

Sliding doors whoosh vs Hinged metal doors creak and clank.

Aliens galore vs Humans (and their creations) only.

Communicator and intercom vs Helmet mic and telephone.

Dreamed-up civilian costumes vs Store-bought clothes and suits.

It's like they made a list of every artistic decision, and nearly every sci-fi decision, that TOS exhibited and simply reversed it. Just that simple: here is what we will not do. Many of the TOS items were necessitated by budget and FX limitations, like the transporter and Spock's hooded viewer. But it goes beyond that and the finished BG product turned out completely valid and even exciting.

BG is the Anti-Trek.
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