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Re: Which of these guest-characters should Janeway have been with?

R. Star wrote: View Post
Her chemistry with the Gestapo agent was the most natural!
I picked Kashyk even though I'm aware he turned out (at least what they display on the show) to be untrustworthy. However he makes sure that Voyager is allowed safe passage and ultimately seemed to care for her.

Nevertheless, the two of them had good banter and she finally got her first hot, non-holographic kiss since she'd been in the Delta Quadrant. That kiss had passion!

Jaffen was sweet too, but I don't think their chemistry was as real as the one with Kashyk.

I agree with Teacake that Michael Sullivan was quite literally Janeway's dreamboy...but I just can't get over the fact that he's a hologram...originally designed by Tom Paris nonetheless. Although I have no qualms with the Seven/Doctor pairing for some reason. I just can't see Janeway ultimately sharing a life with the Fair Haven Irishman hologram. That's not to say I think Janeway didn't thoroughly enjoy his company while they were together.... We know she did!

I'm going to skip over my assessment of Mark for the time being. I haven't read the Jeri Taylor book yet (though I've downloaded it and will read it soon) that I believe goes more into her pre-VOY relationships.

I think her and Q had awesome chemistry and I like their relationship. His antics were just too much for her though and he resides on an entirely different plane of existence which would be problematic. But their banter is still priceless I think.
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