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Re: Behr/Moore Interview: [Picard] doesn't do enough f**king and fight

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Picard isn't Kirk.
Thank You.

I'm getting tired of everyone seemingly imitating Kirk. Hell, I might start getting tired of Kirk himself. If there was one thing I loved in Season 3 it was that Picard was the ultimate diplomat. He averted war with the Romulans twice, he pretty much told the Shiliak, via the treaty they signed, to go F off, and he had the strength to fight the Borg while assimilated. There are more things he's done, but truth be told, Picard was a badass who didn't need to resort to ass-kicking. I liked Kirk and Sisko a lot, but Picard was a great leader who I would gladly serve under. Of course in war, Kirk and Sisko offered protection and safety, but I would hope in the 24th century there would be more peace than war.
I love the Jim Kirk character, my favorite in all of Trek. But I love Picard because he is his own man, not a cheap imitation.
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