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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

Saw it last night so I've digested it now. I was spoiled rotten and still loved it. I'll probably see it a couple more times.
The actors are really comfy in the characters now. I wish this was a series or at least a movie a year. It's unfortunate we'll probably only get one or two more films with this cast. Pegg really has Doohan down pat now. Not as much of an imitation as it is honoring Doohan's performances. Pegg adds greatly to the character with his own comedy.
Peter Weller is back! After years of enjoying Professor Weller on History channel, he's really come back as an actor with the best performance in the film. Bruce Greenwood a close second. It would be a smart idea to see a Pike flashback in future films.
Glad they didn't bother to show a fight between Ent and the super-ship. We've seen that a hundred times before.
Alice Eve always looks spectacular. Hope she's along for the next film.
"Enterprise" is canon in whatever timeline you're in!
I'm sure I'll think of more but I liked it.
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