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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

Loved it. Drove down to Chicago last Wednesday for one of the advanced screenings, and the entire 2 hour drive home me and my friends could not shut up about how awesome this movie was. Like many others, I loved Pine as Kirk in this one. I finally bought that Pine is Kirk.

I was spoiled about the villain the day before the movie came out, and I was really hesitant about this British dude playing Khan. As I said to my can't replace Khan. You just can't.

I.Was.Wrong. CumberKhan was FREAKING awesome! We actually got to see Khan be cool and smart and strong and outsmart everyone. Love it. Plus...dude is hot. There's just something about his voice.

I can't wait to see it again. I'm taking my brother, against his will, because he needs to see just how epic this movie is.
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