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What's so terrible about "Star Trek flavored action movies"?
Nothing, really. Except that it's part of a grand trend of skinning the symbols of various long running cultural tales and grafting them onto the same generic framework. Now we've got the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies which are just Sherlock flavored action movies, and Star Trek flavored action movies -but they're all just Hollywood action movies in the end. That's disappointing to me because part of what I've admired about the Trek franchise is its ability to do new things while keeping a unique identity. I believe Ubik said upthread - by making Star Trek flavored action movies, Abrams is playing it safe, working within a formula. It's an entertaining formula, but it doesn't take any risks or do anything that surprises. Maybe it's a consequence of my age, but I've now seen so many this or that flavored action movies that I find action movies boring.
This is my feeling, too. The movie was a fun roller-coaster ride, but it's nothing that's stuck with me. I've probably forgotten a good portion of the film since seeing it last Friday, and I don't intend to ever see the movie again. Most of the film is devoted to action set pieces, which allow only minimal and shallow character development. Nothing wrong with a roller coaster ride if that's all you want. out of it.

What excites me, though, about JJ Abrams doing a Star Trek reboot is that it paves the way for future reboots. Even though I don't think much of his movies, I like that he's at least doing his own thing with characters like Khan. It'll make it easier for future producers of TV or film to be even more creative with Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise crew, to not be afraid to update things in order to keep Star Trek relevent for the next generations.
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