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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

There isn't one cultural standard that is all encompassing. You'll find "trash" and "treasure" depending upon where you look and what perspective you have. Kanye West is adored by many, enough to make him fabulously wealthy. Same for many other rap artists. I can't relate to it. I find the music mostly offensive and sometimes degenerate. Compared to some classic rock legends, Kanye looks like an amateur. But then, the people that like Kanye are bound to think classical music is crap and "old people's music."

I have to admit that at times I feel like our "average" cultural standard has slipped, by the proliferation of explicit sexual overtones in almost everything we see today. Nothing appears to be sacred. What it is, is the degree of attention garnered in a particular corner of culture. Thankfully this does not represent the rest of society. Yet...

Looking at classical music is an interesting indication of things. The reduction in musical departments in schools plus cultural factors have produced fewer people who appreciate classical music, relative to earlier times. Read THIS for more info. Seems like Europe has more active cultural outlets for classical music than in the USA. Anyway, it's a certain refinement involved that is lost in simpler musical forms. It's a real shame, as it seems likely that classical music will become a real obscurity in the coming decades, unless something changes. If it does vanish, that will be a serious loss to a true cultural treasure.
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