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I just bought the novelization hoping it makes the Nibiru mission make sense. It is really the only part of the film that I can't make work in my head.
Bob Orci did explain that on Trekmovie, but it's still open to question. The volcano interfered with their transporter lock unless it was line of sight. Apparently between motion and natural disasters, this timeline's transporters are quite finicky.

Also I gathered from Spock's line "that the planet will die" meant the small groups of inhabitants were all near the volcano, not that the planet itself would be destroyed.

I took it that it would have killed everyone. In the book, Kirk takes the scroll to get the natives away from the initial blast radius of the volcano, and keep them distracted so they didn't see the shuttle.

That's what I meant...the total sum of the population and it's fragile culture was near the volcano. Lots of people thought Spock's line meant the planet would blow up.
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