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Re: I am taking command of the fleet.

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
Picard didn't know where the weak section was until after the Enterprise arrived, and only then through his tenuous connection to the Borg.
How does that even work, anyway ? They removed all the borg implants... and if they didn't, well that's very worrying.

Lance wrote: View Post
The fleet had probably been fighting the Borg for days before the Enterprise arrives.
Considering the way the movie tells it, and Wolf 359, I find that very unlikely. But then Trek always plays with the passage of time a bit.

Edit_XYZ wrote: View Post
Why did the borg send 1 cube when it has millions? Because assimilating the distant federation is very low on its list of priorities - as is obvious despite the federation's and some fans' preconceptions. 1 cube every few years is the limit of the resources it's willing to commit to federation assimilation.
That's speculation. They were pretty quick to send one once they became aware that the Federation existed. And there's an entire quadrant full of species that are technologically incapable of resisting a full invasion. Why give them more time to develop defenses ?

And I'm watching that movie in 2 minutes !
And that's my opinion.
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