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Re: Did Star Wars cash in on Star Trek?

^^ That's not what I learned. While TOS had shown that sci-fi could be profitable, George Lucas originally wanted to remake "Flash Gordon" and essentially an action-adventure fairy-tale space opera kind of thing. Fox greenlighted the project based on their success with the "Planet of the Apes" movies and because George Lucas had made the blockbuster "American Graffiti", not because of Star Trek.

Admittedly, there are crossovers in technical terminology but I think George Lucas was simply smart enough to use terminology he didn't need to explain as audiences understood perfectly what a "deflector (shield)" does, as in this case Star Trek had already and conveniently established its function.

One thing Star Wars was doing at the expense of Star Trek was cannibalizing fandom (many Trekkies turned Warriors). This and stealing Star Trek's "thunder" was probably what led to the animosities and this stupid Star Trek vs. Star Wars theme.

Meyer-Burnett captured that spirit of competition very well in the beginning of his highly recommendable "Free Enterprise" film (an imaginary biopic of two trekkers that actually meet the real William Shatner).

I do think that this film from 2009 that has been mentioned, has more in common with Star Wars than Star Trek. I consider it incompatible with the visions of Gene Roddenberry, and do believe many Trek fans of the 1970's would have felt the same. Just my 0.02 $

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