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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

Wow. So Disney CAN do more than one thing at a time! I can't believe it because they spent the past couple of weeks trying to convince everyone that they couldn't. It's clear that they just wanted a Star Wars cartoon that they created and could control 100% of time. By Disney's logic, they shouldn't even be doing this series because it has nothing to with Episode VII. Disney hasn't earned the right to make me excited about any SW animation project they've started.

That being said, this could be a really good series. I'm happy that Filoni is back and he's bringing some CW crew with him. Hopefully this will allow him to bring over elements like Ahsoka, Rex, Darth Maul, etc. Hope we'll get an Obi-Wan on Tatooine story too.

I've heard good things about Weisman. The SW cartoons have always had talented people running them. I like what Kinberg did on X-Men First Class but he also was involved in X3 The Last Stand and I hated that Sherlock Holmes film. But he's working on the new movies so that should be interesting.

I'm curious what the animation will be like. The 3D animation they used in The Clone Wars made me skeptical at first but I became a big fan on it and it literally got better every year.

Here's hoping this will be a really great show!
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