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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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I still would have preferred a person of color or at least a person with darker skin.
Right on the tail of the Boston Marathon bombing? Nah, that would have been box office suicide.
Huh? First off, they didn't know that bombing would happen when they cast the role last year. And second, the suspected bombers were of Chechen and Avar parentage -- Caucasians in the most literal geographical sense, from the region of the Caucasus Mountains. They're as light-skinned as you or I am. Also they're Muslims, and though some people mistakenly think that Sikhism is an offshoot of Islam, it's actually a distinct faith.
Exactly. I'm referring to how quickly the media and the general public start looking suspiciously at any swarthy individual when there is a terrorist action. It's been happening since 9/11.
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