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Re: Warp Core Prototype

It's nice when Star Trek inspires people to follow careers into science, or even just to support scientific research. Yet I don't think the writers or producers meant for their stories to be considered "predictions". Certainly the goal of real life scientists and engineers isn't to reproduce treknology. I've never in my career set out, nor heard anyone else say that they set out, to create a "real" phaser/transporter/warp core/etc.... Half of treknology works on applied phlebotinum, while the other half uses fictional particles and/or elements to work its magic, with a very thin veneer of actual scientific principles applied to make it feel or sound plausible.

Basically, people who follow scientific research developments only because they're awaiting the development of their favorite piece of treknology aren't following it for the right reasons, and are bound to be disappointed. Frankly, the most interesting things in science and technology research are those things that Trek didn't "predict".
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