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That was what was so great about the Klingon look from TMP to Enterprise, that no one Klingon looked exactly like another.
Actually, TMP Klingons' crests all came from the one mold. Lots of magazines used to print pics of any random TMP Klingon and label it "Mark Lenard as a Klingon".

Ditto all the chest armor. We didn't see variety until ST III.

And most of the crowd Klingons in ST VI were also one-size-fits-all, to save time and money. (The tiny ones in the distance, during the courtroom scene were actually multiple Playmates action figures of Gowron!)

We didn't see enough helmetless Klingons in STiD to judge that they all had identical crests and piercings.

ConRefit79 wrote: View Post
Well since then, Nimoy insists he never wanted out. He talks about the trouble he had getting a call back about making ST:TSFS cause the CEO had heard he wanted out and wanted the character to die. That made the CEO afraid to let him direct the 3rd movie because he had heard Nimoy hated Star Trek and wanted in his the WOK contract to get out.
IIRC, Nimoy made it known at the ST II wrap party that he had so much fun doing ST II that he was looking forward to ST III... if he could direct. Any "trouble" getting a call back was simply typical Hollywood game-playing to secure the most lucrative deal.

And I didn't even know there was another film coming until it was out.
Yeah, obviously you weren't reading "Starlog". Nor the "Wall Street Journal", which covered the "Spock Must Not Die!" campaign.

Franklin wrote: View Post
It's likely TWOK would've been written without Nimoy if he turned down the death scene.
And that's why Lt Saavik was written in. Originally a male, Dr Savik.

Filling a similar cast position as Phase II's Xon.
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