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Re: Who would have had to quit their job to look after baby Miral?

She's chief engineer, and he's chief helmsman.

On top of actually piloting and tinkering, there's twice that much time out of every day where they're supposed to administrate and fill out paperwork. Crew evaluations, citations, demotions, constructing duty shifts. Stuff. Is Tom's job to plot the course as much as remark on how shitty the course they have followed has been? It seems like it should have been Toms job but somehow I feel that Harry did it, even though there was a stellar cartography division on Voyager in the earlier seasons before it was made redundant by astrometrics and Seven started being responsible for the course.

They can be a helmsman or an engineer with reduced hours, but they can't be chief.

Of course they could just put the baby in stasis when they're at work? It could take 40 years for the kid to turn 3.

That has to be child abuse.
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