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Re: Q&A Novel Multiverse Question.

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That's beside the point. According to Q-Squared and thus in the context of that story, he is. And surely since there was a Trelane for each timeline, there should be a Q for each too.
No, it's exactly the point. The point is that you can't assume old books are in the modern novel continuity, because the majority of them have been contradicted by one thing or another. The question was about what Q & A, and thus the modern novelverse, suggested/established about Q and the multiverse. Q Squared is not part of that continuity, because it's been contradicted by canon. So it's not relevant here.

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What about the two Q who had a child in True Q?
The real answer is that the producers just forgot or chose to ignore "True Q" (and I can't blame them -- it was a really silly idea). The in-story rationalization is that they had renounced their status as Q and were technically human when they had their child, so it didn't count.
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