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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

WHAT IS UP fellow Trekkenauts. I am a 39 yr old artist/writer living in Space City TX.

I have been a fan of Trek since watching ToS on re-runs in the late 70's (dubbed in spanish in Puerto Rico) and in the early 80's when my family moved to Houston and good ol' Channel 39 would show re-runs of ToS.
I watched all the TREK cartoon show as well, and was always surprised to see how much better it was than every other cartoon out there at the time.
I watched TNG from it's inception, growing to love it as much as ToS. I cannot explain how awesome it was to have Trek back, looking great, and with serious sci-fi topics explored.
I also watched DS9 from it's inception, and it quickly became my favorite Trek (NINER 4 LIFE!) and then became my favorite television show ever. I could go on for days about how awesome DS9 is, and I will in the appropriate section of the TrekBBS.
I still vividly remember the exhaustion I would feel after every tense DS9 episode, and not being able to sleep that Saturday night because I was too hyped up.
I tried watching Voyager when it came out but it was dull. I stopped watching it when I saw that it was written very poorly, and that it was another "monster/alien of the week" show. Frankly, I thought the premise was stupid. I hate any TV show premise that builds it's own end into it. Because VOY was stuck far away, yet they had to continue a series, you knew that any possible clues or info or mechanism to get them back home was always going to b a red herring. why would they get them home if that meant the end of the show? (I call this the Gilligan's Island problem). It was a stupid premise for a show. Still is. Voyager sucks.

I tried watching Enterprise because I am one of the few Scott Bakula fans that seem to exist. I enjoyed Quantum Leap, even though it was an overly moralizing show for middle-aged and older women. ( ) Enterprise seemed to head in a neat direction, but, like all prequels, suffers from the problem that we KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!!! everything in the story, the drama, the risks, were also stupid red herrings, since we know the Federation will be successful, and that humans will succeed in exploring inter-stellar space. It too, seemed a pointless show, which was a shame because I really liked the cast on it, as opposed to VOY which suffered from the least charismatic collection of people yet put on a sci-fi TV show.

I love all the original crew movies, even undiscovered country! That one is heavy!!! I love how the OG movies allowed us to see the aging of the crew and the different dilemma's faced by older people as opposed to the cares and concerns of young officers. Kirk rules.

I love most of the TNG movies. I found them a bit too Data heavy though. In TNG he was one of the few to have any real character development, as opposed to being static characters. They went to this well too much in the movies I thought. I always wanted to see more of Geordie. My man LeVar Burton is in two of my all time fave TV shows, Reading rainbow and TNG. the last TNG movie was tedious and ugly. the best thing about TNG was that they upheld the innate nobility of all life. That last movie seemed to be written from a Hollywood script-writer POV, not a Trek POV. Killing off Data was pointless and mean I thought.

The new Trek film was fun, in that it drew a lot from ToS' action and adventure themes, but it lacked any real melodrama, any real morality tale. All Trek is based on morality tales, about the choices people make and the consequences of those choices. The new Trek movie was like a big sugar coated Trek Twinkie, that left you hungry for real cake.

I have yet to see the new flick, but I rewatched Wrath of Khan and it made me cry like a baby once again. My wife will not watch Wrath of Khan with me again because she really was hurt by seeing Spock die.

I know he was "resurrected" but the new Spock was a different creature altogether, more of a mystic rightfully due to his experiences in death. This was a great way to grow Spock beyond his robot-machine-like characterization. Spock re-born was a sage, but the original Spock died across the partition from his friend and captain. fuck it was so sad!!!!

I will give the new Trek flick a shot though, because I like big loud movies, but I want Trek to come back to TV, to explore the human condition once again on a weekly basis.
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