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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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I wonder briefly if Don had his virginity raped from him? But it was so vague... I think it may have been an opportunity to explain more about why Don is the way he is.
I thought they said quite a bit with what they showed -- I'm just not sure of what we were being told the affects on Don, were.

At a young age he was mothered by an attractive adult woman, one he had no doubt lusted after at some point, and then had sex with her -- his first sex with a woman. Then when his guardian finds out about this, she beats him. I'm no psychiatrist, but I think this incident (and others) may be a big reason Don is as screwed up in the head as he is, especially when it comes to women.

I wonder who is going to get a new boyfriend first, Peggy or Joan?

I guess Megan was too upset to notice that Betty accused her of being out somewhere "on a casting couch", though Henry did a nice job of attempting to keep her in line.

I think everyone was trying to do the math on Grandma Ivy. I know I was. My suspicions weren't fully confirmed until she appeared to try to pull the T.V. out of the wall, or whatever it was mounted in.

Ginsberg is so naturally wacky he doesn't need drugs. He was right with Don up to the point whare Don's "soup" pitch completely ran out of steam.

One of Weiner's weird ones -- like the one last season where Roger dropped acid and the one when Don was sick. These episodes seem to reveal a lot about certain characters. We just have to figure out what is being said and about whom.
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