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I was surprised with this movie. I was underwhelmed by Star Trek 11 and was apprehensive about this one. Nevertheless I thought Into Darkness was much better than Star Trek 11.
I felt in some respects that the plot was similar to Skyfall: Used by his government then discarded the villain seeks revenge against those that did him wrong by using his enemies methods and technology. Granted it wasn't a carbon copy but it felt close.
Like most, I had read the rumors that the villain was Khan and this was a nice (though not complete) surprise. The definite homages to Wrath of Khan throughout were a pleasant touch, although beings that Khan and his followers are still technically alive it would have been nice to see them taken to Ceti Alpha V. McCoy's cliches were funny, as well as Scotty's comment that seemed to echo most fans thoughts about the Enterprise being submerged in water. Sometimes I felt the CGI was overdone, especially in the chase through San Francisco at the end. It was good to see engineering looked more like an engine room than a brewery.
Overall I grade the movie as a B+ because it felt more like Star Trek than Star Trek 11. It fails to get an A from me because of the video game like action sequences that got annoying.
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