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Regardless of whose choice it is, I just think the scene works better with that swelling score that accentuates Kirk's sense of panic in TWOK.
Sometimes a good performance doesn't need music to carry it.
This one did, cause it was just lame. You know they're not going to kill him yet. They telegraph it throughout the movie they can cheat death. You didn't know that the first time you saw TWOK. But I guess it moves so fast, maybe the average viewer doesn't notice.
Well, that doesn't diminish Kirk's sacrifice, because he certainly didn't know death could be cheated.

The only thing that added any sense of finality to Spock's death in TWOK there the rumors Nimoy didn't want to make any more Trek movies. To that en, Kudos to Meyer for wanting to leave it more open-ended.

Further, if they did telegraph anything throughout TWOK, it was that they could create life out of nothingness. Genesis planet, Spock's death, Genesis planet, hmmm. Just took another movie for it to happen in that case.
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