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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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An Ahsoka vs Vader duel has to be in the cards down the road for this series.
Yeah, that needs to happen. Definitely.
I agree! Even if it's late in the series (like the excellent Darth Maul vs. Palpatine duel) it would be a thrilling end to Ahsoka's journey. Plus, maybe (unlike Obi Wan in ep.IV) Ahsoka pounds the crap out of him and almost kills him as Vader - since he's in the armor who knows how much more punishment he could take?

Even if there's only one appearance of Vader in the series I would be so satisfied with that. Fanwank territory maybe, but these two have a real history and a real reason that Vader (and the Emperor) would consider her a threat.

I said a lot of bad shit about Disney recently.... If they'd canceled TCW with this announcement it would have avoided a lot of bad publicity for them with the core fans. I guess I'll have to take a lot of that back. Serials are great and I was surprised at how good TCW turned out to be in that format, historically favored by Star Trek. It will be interesting to see how much involvement with the Jedi have the rebels while establishing themselves. I'm off to check the deleted scenes from ROTS for some perspective on that.

And now we have to wait until fall 2014. Well, that's better than summer 2015. I'm a bit more excited for this series than ep VII.
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