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Re: so ST 11 is another timeline [alt-reality]

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But seriously... while I liked the opening sequence of ST09 (in fact, IMHO it was the best part of the movie), are you really trying to say that the Kelvin a survey vessel with a crew of 800 and 20 shuttlecraft in the *2230s* fits plausibly into what we know of TOS history? (Not to mention the whole revamped faux-Gregorian system of stardates, which apparently applies from the 2230s straight through to the 2480s...)
Why not? Starfleet was completely reimagined in The Motion Picture (only 2.5 years after the end of the Animated Series!). There's no in-universe evolution there, just a real-life switch from 60's TV to late-70's movie. In fact, TMP looks less advanced in several respects, such as the greeble-covered transporter room with a shielded operator booth. The same is true of the Kelvin - it's the 23rd century as seen in 2009 and not 1966. As for the size, they built them bigger in those days.

Besides, the same was once said of the NX-01 Enterprise vs. TOS, yet they crossed over in "In a Mirror, Darkly", and the NX crew treated a Constitution-class starship as technology-meets-art.

As for Stardates - you're saying them being comprehensible is a continuity error?
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