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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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There's more of everything now, and it's all more accessible, so naturally there's more crappy art. There's more good art as well, if people stop whining about what their television places in front of them and go find it.

It's always been the case that if you just allow the media to spoonfeed you your entertainment, you'll end up with the blandest most universally inoffensive nonsense available. Mainstream media is about pleasing as many people as possible with the same product. For every Pink Floyd, there's ten Bay City Rollers.

Bingo. Pretty much what I've tried to say. If one only ever follows mainstream media, then yeah, one would be disappointed. Discovering something one likes often means digging for it, digging for that special gem. Since everyone has different tastes, those gems will be different to everyone. That's not to say all mainstream is bad though, it just means mainstream is never going to dig as deep as one would like. And then there's the fact that something that isn't to your liking might be somebody's most favourite thing ever.
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