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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

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I was disappointed by 2009 reboot of star trek because i hoped it was an opportunity to put off the most naif part of star trek. Unfortunately the reboot highlight the part of star trek i don't like.

I'd like tp see a reboot of star trek like the reboot of BSG:

-no alien
-no superweapons
-no magic technology (transponder,replicator,universal translator)
-no particle of the week
-with more internal coherence
-no time travel

and you?
What you are proposing is just BSG, which we already have If you take those things out of Star Trek, then it is no longer Star Trek, but just a generic dark scifi thing. Anyway, the transporter may or may not be possible, the the ransponder and universal translator are certainly not magic heck, google has an app right now that is probably the beginnings of an eventual universal translator. Heck, even BSG had a warp drive type system, although in Star Trek, that device doesn't actually take the Enterprise 'faster than light' per se. It's more like a short cut (at least it was retconned that way in TNG). I say just let shows like BSG and Firefly do the darker themes and more practical universe, and let Trek be Trek.
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