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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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Gargoyles is Greg Weisman's masterwork, but he was also behind The Spectacular Spider-Man (which, despite an overly cartoony design style, was a much smarter and better show than the Ultimate Spider-Man that replaced it) and the superb, just-cancelled Young Justice on Cartoon Network.
This makes me want to see this Rebels show now. I really didn't care for the Clone Wars, but maybe with this guy involved and a new owner of the franchise, something like this could be good. That said, I hope it isn't just a continuation of TCW. Don't have Anakin's kid sidekick on the show, or treat vader like a whiny wimp like the prequels did. This could be good, and hopefully it will be its own show, not TCW: Part 2.
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