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Re: so ST 11 is another timeline [alt-reality]

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lawman wrote:
It's well established in critical theory that a work should be analyzed and interpreted in terms of its actual content, and there's no reason to defer to the author's interpretation of it.
Meaning only that some people have taken it upon themselves to assert that that's the way it "should" be.

And... so?
So the fact that the director and/or writer(s) say that the timeline makes sense in a certain way doesn't mean any viewers should take that statement as dispositive, if there are persuasive arguments to the contrary.

but it was still "already" different from the 2233 we would have expected to see based on TOS history.
No, it wasn't.
Oh. Well, I have to bow to your strength of your logic there.

But seriously... while I liked the opening sequence of ST09 (in fact, IMHO it was the best part of the movie), are you really trying to say that the Kelvin a survey vessel with a crew of 800 and 20 shuttlecraft in the *2230s* fits plausibly into what we know of TOS history? (Not to mention the whole revamped faux-Gregorian system of stardates, which apparently applies from the 2230s straight through to the 2480s...)
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