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Re: Ideas for episodes

R. Star wrote: View Post
"I'm going to have you executed in a slow and painful fashion if you don't tell me where your captain is so I can hunt him down and kill him because he's a disgrace to humanity!"

Yeah... she was nuts that episode. But given how irrational she was behaving in Year of Hell when her ship was damaged heavily, I could see her doing exactly what Ransom did if Voyager was heavily damaged and the space slugs were dropped on her doorstep. But evil Doctor is fun stuff.
I didn't really mind her was Chakotay being utterly powerless to stop her or remove her from duty....Riker would have done if Picard was acting that way.....but then again, that's the point isn't it...she wasn't really acting out of character in that was just more severe than i guess Chakotay knew the crew wouldn't back him if he suggested she was not behaving normally...i'm sure most of the crew would have looked at him and said..."erm yes she is"

Gaith wrote: View Post
I had a similar idea once, about a depressed crewman and the staff organizing an all-ship olympics, with a foot race, endurance tests, etc... with the grand prize being some replicator rations or something, but instead, at the end, Q shows up, says he's been greatly entertained by the event and offers to send the winner only home. Either the winner is the depressed guy or he's friends with him, and Q zaps said one person home.
I really like that idea as a Q episode but without the depressed crewman aspect...and maybe it would be better if Q informs the crew what the real prize is right at the outset and this causes conflict and jealousy among them
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