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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

Mr Awe wrote: View Post
So, he's the "Doctor" who fought the Time War. I wonder what name he took? Or was it only the other Doctor's who decided that he wasn't the Doctor?
Assuming Hurt is the Doctor from the Time War (my personal assumption at present, but others differ)...

I think he did call himself the Doctor. I think he always did, I think he always will. I think that the eleventh Doctor's "But not in the name of the Doctor!" outburst was an indication of how he (and presumably the ninth and tenth Doctors as well) view that incarnation -- that he had done something un-Doctor-ish and was no longer worthy of the name.

However, this will make for problematic storytelling in the anniversary special. The tenth Doctor's opinion on the Hurt Doctor can't change, otherwise the eleventh Doctor would have a different outlook on his Hurt incarnation.

What's also problematic is this. Shouldn't the eleventh Doctor remember this moment from the perspective of the Hurt Doctor? However, the eleventh Doctor seemed genuinely surprised that his Hurt incarnation was there.

The more I think about this, the more I think that John Hurt is not replacing Christopher Eccleston in the anniversary special, that Moffat always intended for there to be a missing Doctor, because the eleventh Doctor's dialogue would sound odd if applied to the ninth or eighth Doctors.
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