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Re: Greg's Trek Ships and Things

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Took the two balls (insert childish giggle here) off the nacelles and replaced them. Redid the impulse engines. Added more Laser Bank locations. Waiting for stupid comment on the windows.
Woo hoo!! Lots of laser banks! <imagines a Klingon commander meeting one of these during the Four Years War, and makes lots of weapons sounds> What?
Anyways, you've really made the Typhoon's nacelle arrangement really look good. You could have gone with an arrangement similar to Battleships that would come a few decades later, Proxima class or the Mars class, but I think you really went with the right decision in this case.

And yeah, the Starfleet Museum is a great place to fill in all of the blanks from the 2150's to the start of TOS, from using those ships in fanfiction, to using design elements to create new ships to fill in unused registry numbers.

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Yays all done.
The swept back wings with the supports on the end, and the saucer design reminds me a little of Ralph McQuarries' Phase II concept, mated to the engineering hull of a Daedalus or Archon class. I've always liked the idea of using full wings, as opposed to only support pylons. Makes her look like she is actually flying through space.

What type of vessel is the Betsy class? She can't be a surveyor/science vessel, like the Oberth class, otherwise she wouldn't be on patrol near the Klingon border. I'd like to say she could be a Light Cruiser or Frigate of some sort, but they usually have secondary weapons (torpedo/projectile launchers), which the Betsy seems to lack. I'm almost tempted to say she could be a Light Explorer and/or a Light Patrol Cruiser or a Patrol Frigate, or something like that. She looks like she is meant for defense, but would have to what for reinforcements or run if up against a Cruiser or above.

Too bad the Oomaru has the same registry as the Caracal, otherwise, I'd probably confirm that she exists in my timeline. Oomaru is also a name I haven't seen used before, which is a nice, creative touch.
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