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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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I still would have preferred a person of color or at least a person with darker skin.
Right on the tail of the Boston Marathon bombing? Nah, that would have been box office suicide.
Not to mention that Khan was planing on crashing the USS Vengeance into Starfleet Command.

I mean am I the only who realizes what a man of Middle Eastern descent flying a starship into buildings looks like.

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why was Admiral Marcus so open about Section 31...
He intended to sacrifice Kirk to the Klingons to start a war, so he probably didn't expect Kirk to survive to pass on the information anyway.
Or he was kind of giving Section 31 a bit of legitimacy. I mean compare Marcus's explanation about Section 31 and Kirk and Spock's to the way it went when Slone explained who they were to Bashir or Harris explained who they were to Archer.

In the case of Kirk and Spock didn't question the organization's existence and moved on in the conversation whereas in the case of Bashir and Archer that started questioning the existence and legality of the organization and in Bashir's case started trying to thwart it.

I just figured Marcus was the first guy who figured the whole on their own mysterious organization thing was more trouble than it was worth because he wasn't a deluded idiot in the way Slone and Harris were. He was just a deluded idiot in an entirely other fashion by thinking he could control Khan.

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^I remember the second line being in the film. Not sure about the first. But yeah, my impression was that S31 was prompted by Vulcan's destruction.
Thats what I remember Khan saying basically from when I saw it, but I seem to remember it being as a result of marcus having ships looking for potential new threats in light of the Narada coming out of nowhere.

Makes me wonder if Marcus found any other threats from TOS while he guys were poking around to detect and deal with the next potential Nero.
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