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Re: Ideas for episodes

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Early in S1, one of the little people onboard can't handle what's happened to them and the fact that they may never see their family again and attempts suicide. They are saved and in sickbay recovering from the effort, where Janeway tries to counsel the crewman to help them come to terms with what has happened.
I had a similar idea once, about a depressed crewman and the staff organizing an all-ship olympics, with a foot race, endurance tests, etc... with the grand prize being some replicator rations or something, but instead, at the end, Q shows up, says he's been greatly entertained by the event and offers to send the winner only home. Either the winner is the depressed guy or he's friends with him, and Q zaps said one person home.

I also wanted Janeway to keep the dog Q gave her, or else have them brought a dog over in the pilot, or picked one up somewhere. That show badly needed a pup, and I'm not talking Chuckles.

Follow-up eps with the Equinox crewpeople woulda been good.

There should of course have been far more shagging, dating, etc. Multiple kids, and I'm not talking Borg ones... but that's not a specific episode idea.

The FPS game "Elite Force" could've made a pretty great 6-7 episode arc. "The Void" was similar in ways; maybe there was an inspiration there?
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