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For fans hungry for more after seeing Star Trek into Darkness, a new comic debuting later this month will be of interest.

IDW Publishing‘s Star Trek after Darkness will continue the story after Star Trek into Darkness.

Star Trek after Darkness is written by Mike Johnson, illustrated by Erfan Fajar, and overseen by Roberto Orci.

“You’ll see immediately on the first page of [the story] that it’s very much a sequel in terms of plot,” said Johnson. “Things happen in the movie that can’t be ignored going forward, and we will see the repercussions play out over the months to come. It’s also a character-based sequel, as we see how the crew reacts to the events of the movie, and what it means for their relationships going forward.”

“You can read the comics as a lead-in to the movies, and then come back to the comics after you see the movies and feel like the story is continuing seamlessly,” said Johnson. “This is really possible thanks to Bob Orci godfathering the comics creatively, ensuring that it all feels like one big story playing out across different media.
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