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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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Well, taste in music is a contentious issue. I'm a bit of a cultural snob myself but I usually succeed in reining myself in. I can understand your friend's pleasure at the form of music, the mathematics as you put it. If music is also able to stimulate me intellectually it's an additional thrill for me.
Which is totally fine. People enjoy things for all sorts of reasons. What's irritating is being treated like some kind of dullard for not enjoying music on a purely intellectual level.

There are three times when I listen to music:
1) when I'm driving
2) when I'm at the gym
3) when I'm bartending

In those instances, I'm usually focused on other things. I never listen to music just to listen to music. It is nearly always secondary to something else going on.

Or in the example from the OP: comedians. It doesn't matter why I think something is funny. If a comedian says something and I laugh, he's doing his job. I don't care how long he slaved away trying to write the perfect joke.
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