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Re: If you wrote the next one, which original episode would you revisi

teacake wrote: View Post

He didn't say "hey there, sexy lady" (which is crass), he said "Hello ladies, Jim Kirk".
lol - I'm aware that I didn't quote it accurately. I was exaggerating to make a point.

We have to disagree on that one! Though the pinnacle of sex in JJTrek for me is NuSpock.
Eh, Spock never did much for me, and Quinto does even less than Nimoy. But Karl Urban, mmmmm....

Shaka Zulu wrote: View Post

I'm sorry, but I still disagree.

The episode as written and filmed seemed to be an attempt to be 'with it' much like this POS movie that was released by Paramount in the same year as 'The Way To Eden'. If the episode was really about a guru, it could have been filmed without using such obvious signifiers like the colorful hippie clothing and the futuristic 'peace' symbol used by Sevrin and his group. Instead, both are used, and both date the episode completely, instead of fitting in organically into the 23rd century setting.

Also, with all due respect to the writer, I have a hard time believing that life in the United Earth/UFP would be considered so onerous that there would be rebels against it; this belief is just as silly as that of Maurice & Yvette Picard's (and as mentioned by James Van Hise in one of his books, neither the Picard family or the members of Sevrin's party should even have any memory of what life was like in previous centuries to be reenacting it in their daily lives.) As well, the situation between the UFP and the Threat races isn't half as bad as the Cold War (and I'm sorry WarpFactorZ, but the Occupy movement was a reaction against the kind of capitalism we have now; I would think that the human race had learned a lesson about not letting it get out of hand to the degree it's gotten.) A hippie that was transplanted from the 1960's to the 23rd century, having got a glimpse of life in the future, would consider it a paradise, enough that they'd be detesting Sevrin & Co. as phonies with no real grudge (and probably even sitting down Sevrin & Co. to give them a long, frank historical talk about what was going on back in the 1960's during the original flower power movement, why there was one, and why Sevrin's movement/gripe isn't in the same league.) The whole episode would have been much better off filmed as it was supposed to be (as 'Joanna') rather than what was put on screen and transmitted.
Fair enough - and an excellent defense of your position. I agree that the space hippies are silly, but I do think there's a valid idea in Way to Eden. I've known too many neo-hippies myself who get sold on idealism and are shocked to discover their guru's feet of clay. It happened with Obama, honestly. He rode to victory on a wave of idealism that he was somehow a better person than your average politician. Then two years later I'm sitting with my sister on her porch and practically in tears she says, "I guess he's going to be just another president", and I reflected on the disappointment that is inevitable in putting a leader up on a pedestal.
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